A queer short film
Directed by Claire Mathiot
Screenplay by Billy McEntee

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Three childhood friends reunite and are unmoored — and disarmed — by each other’s developed sense of identity. Lindsay Lindsey Lyndsey is a new short film about queer, triangular friendship, and how who we are is both individually and communally informed.

Lindsay Lindsey Lyndsey was made by a group of trans, female, and queer filmmakers. An impressionistic film told in vignettes, the short’s individual scenes build on one another to offer a collage of dynamic friendship — its ongoing feuds, beating hearts, and unraveling tethers.

Official Selections


Winner, Best Short Screenplay: Paris Play Film Festival
Winner, Best Short Screenplay: LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival
Honorable Mention, Best Short Screenplay: Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards

About the Director

Clarie Mathiot (she/they) is an LA-based film executive. This is their debut film. 

About the Screenwriter

Billy McEntee (he/him) is a Brooklyn-based writer. He’s written for The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, Travel + Leisure, and them, among others, and he’s received grants from the Queens Council on the Arts, the Colorado Tourism Office, and the American Theatre Critics Association.

Press Kit

Click here for the short film’s press kit and here for production stills.